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Mr. Garcia Productions is a must for any company! I've been treated very professionally and have unique video material, which has given my business a boost!"
Saskia Schoop
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From brainstorming to scriptwriting. Our collaboration between your vision and our creative freedom sets the foundation for a successful video production.


Your concept into a captivating and world-class video. With the expertise and creativity, we bring your story to life through stunning visuals and seamless execution.


After filming, we edit the footage including color grading, sound design, and more. Delivering a polished and compelling video. On time and within budget.

Hola! I’m originally from Guatemala, and I’m all about creating awesome videos. It started with making social media content for my own company, and soon I found myself doing it for others. I’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of cool companies and artists.

Now, I’m in the Netherlands, and it’s been a real honor working with European companies. I love making videos that connect with people locally or around the globe.

From the lively vibes of Guatemala to the new adventures in Europe, I’m here to tell stories through videos. Let’s make something amazing together!

Augusto "Tito" García


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